When’s The Best Time To Get My Flu Jab?

The best defence against the flu (influenza) in Islington is the flu vaccine. A highly contagious influenza virus causes this infection that rapidly spreads among others via sneezing and coughing by an infected person. Influenza is unpleasant but usually not life-threatening for healthy adults. The typical duration of recovery is seven days.
Vaccines against the flu are effective, but their level of protection varies from person to person. Vaccine efficacy declines with time as influenza viruses continually adapt. As a result, new flu vaccines are developed periodically, and annual immunisation is advisable for people at risk of catching the disease.

Are there different types of flu vaccines?

In Islington, you can get your flu vaccines one of two ways. The most effective vaccine for you depends on your age and medical condition.

Inactivated influenza vaccines (IIV)

Injectable flu shots are the best method for children between 2 months and 2 years. Furthermore, pregnant women and those with pre-existing health conditions should also get injections if the risk is high for catching the flu.

Live attenuated influenza vaccines (LAIV)

Those who are healthy, including children over 2 years, are the most suitable population for nasal spray flu vaccines. However, if the nasal spray is inappropriate, children above the age of 2 years with any specific issue should receive flu vaccines via injections.

What are the side effects of the flu jab?

The side effects are uncommon. However, depending on the type of vaccine, the side effects may vary.
Inactivated vaccine: A minor red rash at the injection site is possible. Furthermore, if you have not previously had the influenza vaccine, you may have the following symptoms:
Attenuated (live) vaccine: You may experience mild signs or symptoms, including:
These side effects are transient and may subside after one week.

Who can get the flu vaccine?

The flu vaccine is most suitable for the following population:
However, you should not get the flu vaccine if you’re allergic to the vaccine or any ingredient. It’s best to consult a medical professional for this issue.

Who is eligible for the free flu vaccine?

The following are the eligibility requirements to receive the free flu shot from a pharmacy:

Do I need to get the flu vaccine?

The best way to avoid getting the flu or spreading it to others is to vaccinate against it. Vaccines stimulate the body to produce antibodies against the diseases they aim to prevent. But antibodies can diminish over time.
In addition, flu viruses evolve so rapidly that protection from last year’s vaccine may not extend to this year’s strains. Annually upgraded flu vaccinations are produced because of the fast evolution of influenza viruses. As a result of all of the above, the flu vaccine is the best solution.
We offer the free NHS flu jab and a private flu vaccination to protect you if you’re not eligible. Fill out to contact form below to books yours:

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