Blister Pack Service

Medicines in a Mess? We can help with that.

Here at Carters Chemist we like to be on the cutting edge, so that we can serve patients in the safest and most efficient way. We’re happy to provide our blister pack service in Islington. We are one of the few pharmacies across Islington that is able to provide you with this service. Now more than ever, pharmacies are positioned to play an important role in improving medication adherence and Carters Chemist is here to help!

What does a Weekly Blister Pack look like?

Each weekly blister pack is divided into the seven days of the week along one side. Then, across the top are the times of the day for taking your medication. Each “blister” contains one or more tablets that need to be taken on that day and at that time.
So, weekly blister makes make a great at-a-glance visual aid for whether you’ve taken your tablets yet.
A weekly blister pack is a great tool for organising your meds. So, if you are interested in this Service, simply contact us at Carters Chemist and we can discuss whether the service will work for you.
Contact us to get your medicines in order today!