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Airomir inhalers are used to treat asthma by shortly relieving one from asthma-related symptoms. Airomir is categorised among inhalers referred to as 'relievers'. These types of inhalers are also useful when it comes to preventing asthma symptoms that usually occur after exercising. They can also help in relieving breathing issues related to some respiratory conditions like COPD.  

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There are two types of asthma inhalers including 'Preventer' inhalers and 'Reliever inhalers'. Preventer inhalers normally comprise of a corticosteroid and need to be taken on a regular basis to help in reducing the airways' inflammation. By doing this, it helps reduce and keep in check the chances of experiencing asthma attacks or related symptoms. Reliever inhalers are Salbutamol-based inhalers like Airomir. They are only used when needed to assist in relieving asthma symptoms. You can also use Airomir inhaler pre-emptively prior to your exercise or encountering common asthma-triggering allergens.


Ensure that you let your pharmacist know if you have any of the following conditions before using Airomir inhalers:

  • Diabetes
  • Acute severe asthma
  • Thyroid problems
  • Irregular heart rhythm
  • High blood pressure
  • A history of heart disease
  • Hypoxia.
It's also important to let your pharmacist know if you take or are planning to take any of the below medicines:
  • Xanthines
  • Propranolol
  • Diuretics
  • Disulfiram
  • Steroids
  • Metronidazole
  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MOAI) antidepressants
  • Tricyclic antidepressants
  • Long-term laxatives
  • Medication for heart disease (like digoxin)


It's important to read carefully the patient information leaflet that comes with the inhaler before using it. It's recommended that adults take one or two inhalations as a dosage from the Airomir inhaler. This will assist in preventing symptoms associated with asthma if taken 10 to 15 minutes prior to exercising or exposing yourself to allergens. If you show asthma symptoms that make you use the Airomir inhaler more than eight times per day, it would be best to let your GP know as there may be a better treatment option for you.


Airomir Inhalers also consist of ethanol, Oleic acid and propellant HFA-134a. They don't comprise chlorofluorocarbon propellants as an ingredient. Instead, it's replaced by propellant HFA-134a.

Side Effects

Even though not everyone who uses the Airomir inhalers experience side effects, when you encounter them they include:

  • dizziness
  • mild trembling
  • headache
  • shaking
  • feeling tense
If you get worried about these side effects or have any other queries regarding the product, contact your pharmacist or doctor and stop using it until told otherwise.

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