Hair that shines with health will boost your confidence and our wide shampoo range has something for every hair type. We've got everyday essentials alongside detox formulas (helpful when you've over-indulged in styling products). Sulphate-free shampoo is kind to sensitive scalps and if you're keen to stimulate growth, go for a caffeine shampoo. Try to follow with a conditioner or treatment to keep hair moisturised.

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    The service from this chemist is the reason people travel miles to attend. The chemist is superb and I have lost counts the amount of time the advise given has saved me from trying to get gp appointment. His knowledge is collosal and invaluable. Cannot recommend enough.


    Gavin Dudley
    The staff are very patient and sympathetic. They listen to all the problems I have and do their best to provide solutions. Very reliable pharmacy.


    E. Hussain
    Very lovely Chemist, staff is absolutely fantastic, always ready to help out, highly recommended.


    Jonah Ahmadov
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